Box of Goodies Arrived Yesterday

Box of Goodies

I’m a member of and over the past few months I’ve been blown away by the community I’ve found. These people genuinely love bikes and care for each other. For example, one of our members disappeared for quite a number of days after the recent Tsunami in Japan. He was a Sendai resident and we were all pretty scared for him. We had several different posts asking about him and making sure he was okay. On the bike side I recently had a local BF member call me to offer advise on fork-wobble I was experiencing on my Gios. He’s also offered to meet me to help me get the headset dialled in.

The marketplace and trade threads have also come in very handy and I just got a shipment in from a fellow BFer. White San Marco Rolls Saddle (again I’m a sucker for the italian stuff), a 42T Campagnolo chainring (for the Medici build), Shimano Bottom Bracket (this thing is way heavy) and I’m not sure why he sent me the Dia Compe levers, but they’ll look a treat on the Medici build too.

If you’re a Classic & Vintage rider and looking for advice, inspiration and a place to banter, join up!


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