Thompson Custom Bicycles

Thomson Custom Cycles

My wife and I are always talking about what the hell we ultimately want to do with our lives. We’ve recently been talking about and lamenting the increasing obsolescence of the apprenticeship; coming under a master’s wing, learning their craft, and eventually, skills absorbed, launching out on your own.

I’ve been looking for a master and a trade for a while now and with my ongoing interest and growing obsession into the object of the bicycle (more so then the physical act of cycling) I’ve been paying a lot more attention to bicycle builders. I don’t know yet if this is where I want to focus my life-energy, but I’d like to find out. I did a bit of web-research and found a frame-builder in Olympia, WA, about 40mins from where I live. We’ve emailed back and forth and he’s invited my to come and sit in one day and watch him work and talk. His name is Corey Thompson and he has a small (from his own admission) workshop where he builds just a couple of frames a year.

I’m hoping to get a chance to visit him in the next couple of weeks. I’ll be sure to take some pictures to share with you.

p.s. I just googled Thompson, hoping to find an example of his work and was very surprised to find the beauty above which frankly took my breath away.

4 thoughts on “Thompson Custom Bicycles

  1. Matt, what a great idea! I have thought many times about apprenticeships, and I think we should return to them and give them credit for being a true education.
    I know very little about bikes and cycling, but when I look at that picture above, I see what you mean- it is beautiful. I can see the craftsmanship and feel it in the overall appearance.
    Good luck in your pursuit!

    • Apprenticeships are much more common in mainland Europe and it always made a lot of sense. You’re not just launching out on your own – you have some foundation and a name/reputation that validates your experience and skill!

    • I have to admit – my head is swirling with possibilities. I have to stay grounded and not let my imagination take me further then reality will. But, who knows. We could hit it off and I spend regular time with him. He is apparently a bit of a master himself!

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