Battaglin Team Bike on eBay

Battaglin Team Bike

Since I already talked about Giovanni Battaglin, I had to link to this bike. This is close to being one of my “Holy Grail” bikes. A 1994 Battaglin Team Bike. Columbus SLX tubing for the frame (light & stiff). The group is 9-speed Campagnolo Chorus and the whole thing looks spotless. Fortunately its a 56cm frame, so even though it’s tempting, I’d be way too small for me.

Battaglin Team Bike - Seat Cluster

Battaglin Team BIke - Fork
The little details like the pantographs on the forks are what make bikes like this stand out.

Battaglin Team Bike - Rear Dropouts
Again, more neat details.

Battaglin Team Bike - Cinelli Bottom Bracket
What is it about those Cinelli Bottom Brackets that just make me feel all funny inside.

Bike is listed on eBay, currently at $1200 with reserve not met. (Price-wise $1200 seems about right to me) eBay Listing

4 thoughts on “Battaglin Team Bike on eBay

    • Typically it has more to do with the length of the top bar, but all bikes are measured from the centre of the bottom bracket (the pivot point of the cranks) to the centre of where the top tube meets the seat-post. In my case it’s about 58cm, which is also sam’s size (since we have so similar builds). This method of sizing is very generalised and certainly won’t be perfect. For example if you have short legs, but a long torso, you’ll end up getting a bike that feels cramped, because the handlebars will likely be too close. And vice versa, with long legs and short torso you’ll feel too stretched out because according to the traditional sizing you’ll be riding a huge bike! So, simple answer: it’s complicated.

      Here’s a pic that explains it a bit better:

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