Ride: Point Defiance Loop again

Rest time

I rode the the Point Defiance loop this morning. Almost the same route as last time with the main difference was the uphill roads into Hilltop. Last week I rode up what must be the steepest hill in Tacoma and it was so hard I couldn’t even drop my hands to shift to an easier gear. Evidently I’m a glutton for punishment. On the way back I decided it might be fun to climb on cobblestones. It’s a party on the way down, but on the way up it’s hell! I never walked though!

The Gios rode well. I switched out the front wheel to see if that resolved the fork-shudder and it made a huge difference. But, now it barely brakes at all! It certainly didn’t feel as light as the first few rides I had with it, but it’s still a joy to ride. I’ll look to put the longer stem on it soon. Another take-away is that I need a cassette with larger cogs. This is definitely set up for Florida riding!

After the ride, my legs feel fine, I could go further and harder with no issues, it’s my neck, shoulders and back that are sore. Because of leaning into the drops I think I’m putting my upper body’s weight onto my shoulders and it’s starting to ache there. I’ve tried to find different combinations of internal tension to support myself with my abdominals, but I think my core is just too weak. I’m not sure where to “hold” myself to prevent my back from getting too sore. Any suggestions? I’ve only really been riding a traditional rode style for the last year and a half, and not regularly enough to really get a breakthrough.

Map of ride


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