Love this Panasonic DX-5000


I first found this Panasonic while perusing the “Where’d you ride today.” I knew I stumbled on to something special and since then, I’ve been searching craigslist and ebay for a Panasonic Touring frame in my size. I haven’t found anything yet.

Panasonic Seat

I love this bike’s colour and the white seat/bars/tires combo. Sad to see that Snarkypup recently sold this frame to buyer. Turns out she wasn’t happy the road bike position. I can understand that. I made sure to let her know on a couple of occasions how much I loved this bike.

Panasonic Side view

Panasonic Rear

Read more about the bike here and more photostream here


3 thoughts on “Love this Panasonic DX-5000

  1. Howdy. This is Snarkypup. I’m sad about the Panasonic as well, but hopefully the new owner (a rideblog regular) is going to love it and ride it more. He’s going to send me some photos to put up on rideblog, so the Panasonic will live on! Thanks for the purple bike love. I will miss this bike!

    • I was sad to see that when I pulled up your blog! But, you have to do what you have to do. I recently sold a very nice Carbon Cannondale Six 5 (I know, confusing name) and bought more vintage steel. I not sure if I regret it yet, but as I’ve been watching the Giro d’Italia recently and getting more into modern racing, I’m starting to more….

      • I’m jealous of you if you can comfortably ride a race bike. I just can’t do the posture. Ah well. The new Viva Kilo is making me happy in a different way than the Panasonic did, but I think we’ll have a longer-term relationship :).

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