Battaglin 87 World Champion on Craigslist

Battaglin '87 World Champion

This popped up last week on Craigslist in my area (I won’t bother linking to the posting, since it will be deleted soon enough). This is the 1987 World Champion bike, a model built to celebrate Stephen Roche winning the World Championship. This was also the same year Roche won the Triple Crown, only the second man to do so.

As I’m digging deeper into bikes I’m learning a little about my tastes. This is a beautiful bike, but I don’t like the powder-coating. Colour is fine, It’d look better on a 3 speed with a brown leather Brooks and handlebars. The original colours are a lot more interesting. So, first of all – original paint! Secondly, I’m starting to really dislike mixing parts from different eras and brands. That Record front brake looks horrible there! So for me, the Group is important. (I say that as I have a Battaglin with 7400 with Athena Crankarms and a Chorus equipped Gios with a Daytona Seatpost – the fluted Chorus one was waaaay too short)

Battaglin '87 World Champion

Battaglin '87 World Champion

Battaglin '87 World Champion

Battaglin '87 World Champion

Love this Panasonic DX-5000


I first found this Panasonic while perusing the “Where’d you ride today.” I knew I stumbled on to something special and since then, I’ve been searching craigslist and ebay for a Panasonic Touring frame in my size. I haven’t found anything yet.

Panasonic Seat

I love this bike’s colour and the white seat/bars/tires combo. Sad to see that Snarkypup recently sold this frame to buyer. Turns out she wasn’t happy the road bike position. I can understand that. I made sure to let her know on a couple of occasions how much I loved this bike.

Panasonic Side view

Panasonic Rear

Read more about the bike here and more photostream here

Battaglin Aelle Tubing

Battaglin Aelle - Drive Side

This bike was for sale in my area a few months back. I corresponded with the seller a number of times about buying it, but it’s odd group of components and Aelle tubing turned me off. I think I was looking for something a bit purer, so ultimately I went with the Gios. Looking at it now, I realise this is a lot of bike and there would have been very little for me to change. Oh well. I’m on-board with the Gios and want to get it 100% road-worthy.

This is quite a bike though, looks fun to ride.

Battaglin Shifters

Battaglin Rear Wheel

Battaglin Front End

Battaglin Seat Tube
I love this seat tube. I couldn’t explain to you why I’ve gravitated to this brand. I tend towards the lesser known brands. That’s why I’ll probably never own a Bianchi (although the pull of Celeste is strong), De Rosa or a Colnago, but a little brand like Battaglin, I’m all over it!

See the full sale post here: link

Look La Vie Claire

Look La Vie Claire posted this up today, and while I tried to promise myself that I wouldn’t always link to them, I couldn’t resist this. What a beauty! Early Carbon frame, the ever beautiful Delta brakes and the clincher for me is that I have this gruppo on my Gios. This is making me rethinking upgrading it to a modern 10 speed group.

Here’s a few more:
Fork & shifters

More Look!

For the full post: Here

Battaglin Team Bike on eBay

Battaglin Team Bike

Since I already talked about Giovanni Battaglin, I had to link to this bike. This is close to being one of my “Holy Grail” bikes. A 1994 Battaglin Team Bike. Columbus SLX tubing for the frame (light & stiff). The group is 9-speed Campagnolo Chorus and the whole thing looks spotless. Fortunately its a 56cm frame, so even though it’s tempting, I’d be way too small for me.

Battaglin Team Bike - Seat Cluster

Battaglin Team BIke - Fork
The little details like the pantographs on the forks are what make bikes like this stand out.

Battaglin Team Bike - Rear Dropouts
Again, more neat details.

Battaglin Team Bike - Cinelli Bottom Bracket
What is it about those Cinelli Bottom Brackets that just make me feel all funny inside.

Bike is listed on eBay, currently at $1200 with reserve not met. (Price-wise $1200 seems about right to me) eBay Listing

Carrera Corse

From one of my favourite daily blogs an old post with this beautiful bike. A simply stunning racing bike.

From the website:

Piero’s Carrera Corse was constructed in the workshop of one Dario Pegoretti from Columbus SLX and is equipped with Campagnolo’s 1st Generation eight speed Record gruppo, which incorporated the last generation of the revered Delta brake set. This was the first range to feature Ergopower levers. The Carrera Jeans team included a young Marco Pantani from 1992 to 1996 whose contract required him to wear that infamous kit of Lycra printed with acid wash denim. Were they not the glory days of cycling couture?

Of course it has Delta brakes – so beautiful! More to come on those soon!