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Rouleur Magazine 23

I’ve been following another online/print magazine Embrocation Magazine for a few months now and they always have something interesting and insightful to say about racing bikes and the road-racing scene. Recently they highlighted a bi-monthly magazine Rouleur which looks more like serious coffee table material then a magazine. It was the “Inside Campagnolo” article that really caught my attention. Campagnolo are like the Ferrari of the Cycling world: not necessarily always the best, but ultimately you want their gear. They have an attention to detail, design and presentation that is almost unmatched (Paul Components are one the engineering focused companies that almost matches this spirit).

EVERY issue of Rouleur is something special – each edition is an essential piece for the avid bicycle collector or print media enthusiast.

Embrocation Magazing

I was surprised while reading the magazine that there didn’t seem to be a huge amount of focus on the bikes. The Campy (Campagnolo) article focused on Valentino Campagnolo, Heir and current CEO. The article on NAHBC (North American Hand-built Bicycle Conference) in Austin this winter featured (excellent) portraits of frame-builders from the conference. I’m not going to lie, I was a little disappointed. I’m drawn to aesthetics and I celebrate the bike and its form, rather then the act of riding itself. I’m currently two-thirds through and have enjoyed every second of reading it and now, considering my overall experience, the title explains everything. Rouleur means rider in French. This magazine is about the people who ride and love riding and I couldn’t recommend it more.

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