Defiance Bicycles – Yes!

Defiance Bicycles. Pic from defiance bicycles

Since moving to Tacoma last year I’ve been visiting around the Local Bike Shops. Started with Spoke & Sprocket in University Place (which has now shut down), then visited my friend Joe at Performance Bikes, but they’re not so much Campagnolo focused. The crew at Tacoma Bike were amazing, always super helpful (between making fun of my vintage bikes) and even tuned up my Gios for free. Recently a bike shop opened up near my house, Defiance Bicycles. Chris (don’t have a last name) moved down from working at shops in Seattle to open his own store and so far things have been going quite well. I almost always see another customer there when I visit and Christ has been super helpful.

With my recent handlebar issues, Chris was willing to let me (borrow) a couple of extra stems to find the one that fits properly. I have the extra one in my bag right now. I didn’t have to make any deposit (of course he has my Battaglin right now).

I highly recommend giving him a visit with your next bike service. He’s a pro. Visit them at