Lance Armstrong

I know, another video! I didn’t want to do this, but I’ve been holding on to this for a week now and can’t wait anymore.

At first I wanted to post this video because of Lance’s amazing final straight sprint. You can clearly see why he’s seven-times winner of the Tour – he powers down that last straight with such voracity, making Andreas Kloden look like a rookie. Ultimately, I’ve become more impressed in the aspects of teamwork between Lance and Floyd. Floyd leads an early attack, wearing out the other riders in that front group. In the end even though Lance wanted to give the win to Floyd, he realised he wasn’t going to and claimed it for his own. (A lot of this is discussed by the commentary in the video.) The more I watch cycling, the more I understand the strategies involved and the more interesting it becomes. Only 2 days till the Giro!


While this isn’t my preferred genre of bike, watching this is entirely enthralling. He’s a craftsman creating a masterpiece. It’s videos like this that inspire me to get building things with my hands.

Sean Walling has been making bikes for over 20 years, learning his trade at Salsa and then starting Soulcraft in 1999. He still makes frames in the same workshop he started out in.

Rapha Condor Sharp team at the Tesco Rutland-Melton CiCLE Classic 2011

This video is from Rapha, a no compromise cycling-related clothing company. I see this name popping up everywhere and everything in me wants to be wearing their clothing. Until I look at the pricing. I have a bit of budget when it comes to bike related purchases – one item from Rapha would nuke it!

Something to wish for.

From: Rapha Blog