3Rensho Keirin Frame

There are a couple Japanese frame-builders whose names bring tingling to the hairs on the back of my neck. Nagasawa is one, 3Rensho is the other. Here’s an example of why 3Rensho (read San Rensho – san is 3 in japanese) is a holy grail bike for many riders.

3Rensho Side

3Rensho Bottom Bracket

3Rensho Head Tube

3Rensho Front

3Rensho Seat Stays

From Fixie Custom Shop Flickr Stream and The Bicycle Masters.


Final Post from Yamaguchi School of Framebuilding

Frame Coming together

Framebuilder CyclingWMD adds his final post to conclude his Yamaguchi Framebuilding school. His style is a little more “creative” then I typically like, but I love the idea of a few weeks of focused learning with a real master! Koichi Yamaguchi learnt to build frames with framebuilding legend 3Rensho.


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