Longest Ride Ever

Ride Route 5/19/11

This was my longest ride ever! I know, 30 miles isn’t that far. When I was riding back in Wisconsin I couldn’t ever seem to manage to ride longer then 27 miles. That’s just how it always ended up. Today I tried to go 40, but at 15 miles in my legs started to go. They still had strength, but I must have tweaked something in my right leg as it never quite felt right.

I took the Scott Pierson Trail along Highway 16. Not a pleasant ride. You are literally next to the Highway, it’s noisy, and there’s a fair amount of debris (glass, pebbles etc) on the path. It’s also super-underused so you have the whole trail to yourself. It can be a bit of a navigation to stay on it too. The signposts aren’t very clean. After I got over the bridge I joined the Cushman Trail (again after a bit of searching around.) I was just commenting to a couple of gents at the recent Build a Better Bike Tacoma Meet-up that I missed riding in the country. It was so easy in Madison. Ten minutes of riding and I’m in the fields. I haven’t really been able to experience that here. Cushman trail was the closest that I have found. Similar to the Scott Pierson Trail it follows HWY 16, but there is some distance between the roads. It had some really great climbing hills and the surface was really smooth.

Oh, and I almost forgot, this was one of my fastest rides too. I averaged 16.17 MPH over the 30 miles. I’ll be moving things over to kph soon, so I’ll just say that it was just over 26 kph.