Battaglin Team Bike on eBay

Battaglin Team Bike

Since I already talked about Giovanni Battaglin, I had to link to this bike. This is close to being one of my “Holy Grail” bikes. A 1994 Battaglin Team Bike. Columbus SLX tubing for the frame (light & stiff). The group is 9-speed Campagnolo Chorus and the whole thing looks spotless. Fortunately its a 56cm frame, so even though it’s tempting, I’d be way too small for me.

Battaglin Team Bike - Seat Cluster

Battaglin Team BIke - Fork
The little details like the pantographs on the forks are what make bikes like this stand out.

Battaglin Team Bike - Rear Dropouts
Again, more neat details.

Battaglin Team Bike - Cinelli Bottom Bracket
What is it about those Cinelli Bottom Brackets that just make me feel all funny inside.

Bike is listed on eBay, currently at $1200 with reserve not met. (Price-wise $1200 seems about right to me) eBay Listing