Tacoma Bike Swap

Tacoma Bike Swap 2011 - indoors.

Wasn’t a big or crazy as the Cronometro Bike Swap in Madison, but it was still good to get out and meet people and look at some sweet bikes. There were a few nice setups: an Eddie Merckx with Dura Ace 7400 (same as on my gaspipe Battaglin), a Benotto, and an Alan framed Guerciotti (which I’m still not sure how to pronounce.) The indoor area seemed to be the more serious zone with Tacoma Bike’s stand there and a couple of real collectors (lots of yummy Campagnolo stuff). Outside was generally mid to low-end bikes, the selling coral, $7 helmet fitting and mountain bike goods.

I succumbed to my love of Record Hubs and I’m now 2-for-2 in buying a one at a Bike Swap (I had picked up a Rear Pista Hub at the Madison one a few years back). This one was a modern 10-speed hub which will hopefully be the starting point for getting a modern gruppo on my Gios Compact Pro. I also picked up a Nitto Moustache handlebar for the Medici build which I’m now having second-thoughts about.

Apart from the odd embarrassing moment when my mind went blank and I couldn’t think of the right word – this is something that happens to me when I’m around people who know more about bikes then me – it was pretty fun and quick because I had to shoot to work early. I think I need to make a list of parts I’m on the lookout for. I got home and remembered a couple of other things I had totally forgotten that I needed.