Visit with Nagasawa

Nagasawa at work

Tokyo Fixed Gear had the privilege and honour to visit Yoshiaki Nagasawa at his workshop and documented their visit. Nagasawa is a legend. Read it here.


For more on Nagasawa:


3Rensho Keirin Frame

There are a couple Japanese frame-builders whose names bring tingling to the hairs on the back of my neck. Nagasawa is one, 3Rensho is the other. Here’s an example of why 3Rensho (read San Rensho – san is 3 in japanese) is a holy grail bike for many riders.

3Rensho Side

3Rensho Bottom Bracket

3Rensho Head Tube

3Rensho Front

3Rensho Seat Stays

From Fixie Custom Shop Flickr Stream and The Bicycle Masters.