First Ride

The Battaglin at the end of the ride

After a few crazy months of searching for a house, moving into said house and dealing with winter, I finally got out for a ride. A short 17 miler along the water-front to Point Defiance and back. Started off well, I rode downhill, through downtown and got some speed up, quickly realising how much I had missed this. Last summer I was riding weekly around the lakes and in the countryside of Madison, WI and felt in very different shape.

Riding for pleasure is so different to commuting. Losing the backpack and not having a time crunch makes all the difference in the world! The straight along Rustin Way was a blast: I went as fast as I could into the wind (which is odd, because I’m pretty sure I rode into the wind on the way back too!). The climb up into Rustin proper was easier then I ever expected; my daily commute involves 2 decent hills, and this one was a pinch! As I started the loop around 5-Mile Drive in Point Defiance I caught up to a rider in his 50s on a Carbon Trek. He seemed to be struggling so I started conversation. He’d been really sick and had to quit work to get better. He started telling me about an expensive wind-breaker that he’d been holding out for, but finally decided to buy. Guess who makes it? Yup, Rapha! I replied by telling him that $200 is a lot in bike-parts. Not a concern for him – after all he has a few Treks with Dura-Ace & Record (bastard!). It was fun actually riding with someone for a change, but I had to drop him when he took a break for the restroom.

On the ride back I decided to tackle what is probably Tacoma’s steepest hill! It was so steep I couldn’t stop climbing to change down to my bottom gear – curse these downtube shifters! I made it home intact and checked my stats – an average of 16mph which is a notch higher then what I would regularly get in Wisconsin. And this is all on the heavier Battaglin. Can’t wait until I get the fork-shudder taken care of on the Gios!

Ride Map - 5/6/11
Ignore the first 4 miles – this was from a ride with Olivier a few weeks back.

For the full map with mile splits see: Ride Map