Giro d’Italia – Stage 3 – Wouter Weylandt

Wouter Weylandt
Image: kristoframon

Great race today with a late break-away group of riders taking the race, but it all feels a bit meaningless. Wouter Weylandt, a Belgian rider for Leopard-Trek died on a fast-paced decent on the other side of the Passo del Bocco. To have a rider be injured or out of the race is one thing, life goes on. But, to have a rider go down for the last time changes the way you look at the race. It brings the triviality of the Giro to the fore-front. After all, these are men on bikes, vying to be the quickest. It’s fun when all is well. But when the most valuable of all things, a human life, is lost, we can’t help but wonder whether it’s ultimately worth it.

Tomorrow, the Peloton will honour his life and then we’ll talk about him again the following day. But the day after that those men, who are trying to be quickest will once again come back and the race will go on.

Family of Wouter. I am so sorry for your loss. I can imagine the pain you must be going through and yes, ultimately he died in vain.